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Oktoberfest happens one time a year. We set up right smack in the middle of the crowd. The atmosphere felt different. Usually we would just open air with a small stepping ladder. This time we were going to do trivia. Don't get complacent "TAAM". Share the good news!OktoberfestCourtney 20171280x720Click picture to see media

Anna Respond Balboa Park Trivia 
I don't believe Anna really heard or understood the gospel message before. The question is will she put her trust in Jesus. Her husband filmed the whole episode. Lets hope they get aquainted with the one true God. 

 CheaTeen Conference Pasadena 2017 

Throughout All Ages-Creation Today-Living Waters

We wanted to give these students a conference they never had before. Our aim was real street Apologetics and Evangelism. Do not be ashame of the gospel of Christ! Be ready to give an answer. A sample of the teaching that went on for three days!


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Trivia with Tray in Balboa Park
As we grow in Christ we take steps of faith and we do things that we thought we
would never do All for the glory of God. I am not ashamed of the gospel Christ.
First time presenting trivia and Good Person test in an open air forum in Balboa Park San Diego. Watch media




Click to watch: David Daleiden

David spoke January 31, 2017 in San Diego
Hear his story how he brought down the giant
 Planned ParentHood


Joe and Stacey VLOG. Come and be a part of our new journey. To watch the
vlog, Click here

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Old Town San Diego The Gospel is On!
As we go out week after week sharing the gospel this was one of those
times the crowds face expressions gave the impression they were asking
the questions to themselves. What a surreal occasion. Take a look.Click picture for media

Living Waters Ambassador 2017
 From Huntington Beach to Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood. What an 
 awesome way to get equipped with like minded brothers and sisters. 
 Run the race with endurance. Click on picture




 Here is the full Length teaching!  

TAAM goes out to Fiesta Island with Heritage Christian Camp.  

Joe speaks on a "Christian starting point in living out Christ". Heritagecamppic1080x720

Click on picture to watch 

 Click on picture to watch: Grand Opening Pregnancy Care Clinic
Ribbon cutting. January 2017
in San Diego.


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