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                                                                                                          Let's Do It

Two Daysof Training






This course will provide twelve hours of structure time.
Are ambition is a deliberate system to spring board a discussion to
our neighbors, strangers and people around us. How to hand out
literature effectively to get a response. Media will be used to
quickly develop an anchor to correspond a style that is your own.
Our goal is to bring an easy approach to demonstrate why christianity
stands alone. Two world views of your choice will be explained for
Imediate usage. 
This class will have you up and running to share the gospel.
In this training we will go out to the mall or some busy area for a few hours.





                                                                                  What are you waiting for

1 day witnessThroughout All Ages Incorporates the top programs while building a foundation that upholds a framework.


  Hard Questions with Easy Answers!   
  15/30 Apologetics   

  Throughout All Ages is vigorously setting a pace to give an easy answer to hard questions in the culter we live in. We want to give you 15/30 Apologetics. Fifteen to thirty minutes to answer tough questions of the day. We will meet with you right where you're at. College campuses, young adult studies, high school environment, classes, homeschools, events, conferences, and churches. It is our goal to biblically and consistently work with your leaders and mentors. To come in for free, no cost, with no disruption and do it all over again. Our aim is the defense of the gospel will be circling San Diego County with a bravado that brings confidence to our young adults. Once they can defend the Bible with easy meaningful answers,  it will cause them to not be ashamed of the gospel of God, their willingness to engage. This generation will give an account to the next generation.  Watch media examples

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