Throughout All Ages Ministries, has unique beginnings. As devout Christians for twenty-five years serving in many ministries of the church, we found ourselves in a peculiar place. Joe and Stacey have been married since 1994, with three children who have all grown up. We came to a place in our lives where the question was raised, when does our community become our place, our desire, our commandment to go and share the gospel to a lost and dying world? When does it become my provocation?


531842 3819292179694 1726220588 nThat we would stir the body to love and good works? Jesus said you will be my witnesses.It is here with much intimidation and fear we began with new glasses. Questions like, why haven’t I learned to witness to a lost and dying world? Spending much time in church and bible studies, why wasn’t my fellow Christians and I stepping out into the world and presenting the gospel? If I truly believe in heaven and hell, why am I so complacent? As the years followed we learned the difference between ministries and being a witness. From letting your light so shine before men, to finding a place where we can actually become fishers of men.

Our Aim
 Is Apologetics, Polemics, and Evangelism. We believe in the common creed, to contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.The inspired, infallible, and inerrant Scriptures.

At the end of the day, the Word of God becomes our final truth. Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear; - 1 Peter 3:15

Stacey and I spend our time sharing the gospel. Whether it be in malls, events, parks, downtown, beaches and more. We have learned and strive to share the gospel with simplicity. Our desire is to provide an articulate, intelligent voice for biblical Christianity in the public arena, and for the body of Christ to take the gospel out from the pillars of the church, into the field of their community where they live.                                                                    

Learning to be a student, a Berean. To be able to defend the word of God and share our faith with every man, women, and child with confidence.

Jesus many times told them who encountered him, go tell them what you seen and heard. Throughout All Ages believes all who repented and trusted in Jesus Christ can repeat their testimony how Jesus saved them. It's from that point we become ambassadors for Christ. A church that is unashamed of the gospel and the worldview we stand on. A Witness, with a command to Go. Acts 1:8                                                                                                          

Throughout All Ages aim is Apologetics, Polemics, and Evangelism. We believe in the common creed, to contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.The inspired, infallible, and inerrant Scriptures.TAAM brings experience in evangelism that works. Real life conversations with Skeptics, Spiritualist and Christians.
We incorporated the top programs, while building a foundation that upholds a framework. 

Six Week Training Course called “Witnessing Made easy”.
Two day Training Course called “a Simple Way to Learn”.
1 Day = Six Hours Course
Each class will give an account with Apologetics, Answers to world views. On most classes we will make our way to malls, events & parks. During class time we will exhibit one on one evangelism, mall witnessing, passing tracts on the streets,Trivia with I.Q. test board and to OAP (Open air preaching)with meekness and resolve for the gospel. Structured on how to share the Gospel.
Also, we will be holding a church history lecture beginning in April 2017. 

More info on what we do and are about go to Class & Answers.

Our tenets

God: We teach that there is but one living and true God. God is Spirit.
God the Father: We teach that God the Father, the first Person of the Trinity, orders all things according to His own purpose.

God the Son: We teach that Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Trinity, possesses all the divine excellencies, and in these He is coequal, consubstantial, and coeternal with the Father.

God the Holy Spirit: We teach the Holy Spirit, is the third person of the Trinity, who make up the single substance of God. As such the Holy Spirit is personal, and as part of the Godhead, he is fully God, co-equal and co-eternal with God the FatherandSon or God.

 We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His atoning death through His shed blood, and in His bodily resurrection.

We believe that all men everywhere are lost and face the judgment of God, that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation.

We believe there shall be a bodily resurrection of the just and of the unjust.

We believe Church consists of all those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, are redeemed through His blood, and are born again of the Holy Spirit.

We believe Christ is the Head of the Body of the Church.

We believe the bible is the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Scriptures.

We believe in the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent and will be physical, personal and visible. AMEN


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